For iPhone 11 Display and Digitizer Complete (In-Cell)

€79.90 €59.90

Incell quality consist of: Incell LCD technology aftermarked display With back plate


  • Display Unit for iPhone 11 Incell LCD.
  • Front Cover frame, Incell LCD Display, Display Glass, and Touch Screen (Digitizer).
  • The Incell technology LCD is thinner.
  • It can write in true tone color.
  • Original 3M Polarizer Film.
  • Digitizer/Touch Sensitivity is faster than TFT Structure.
  • For all colors.

When replacing the screen on iPhone 11 models (11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max) and newer, the phone will report that it has another screen or third-party screen mounted.
Important screen message. "Cannot confirm that this iPhone has a genuine Apple display."
The reason for this is that the screen is equipped with a microcrontroller chip, which is paired with the phone's logic board. This pairing is broken at every screen shift.
It starts as a persistent message on your lock screen that lasts for four days.
Then the warning is added in the settings for 15 days and then in Settings> General> About>.
It's also added to your "device information" so Apple employees can see it afterwards.
However, the new screen will be fully functional.